Teddy Safarian

Teddy Safarian

Teddy Safarian, born in North Carolina is a world renowned tattoo artist and painter who made a name for himself beyond skin by making his art less painful and more accessible.

Teddy spent 2001-2016 traveling the United states painting and tattooing, transforming strangers into friends, creating art and memories that will last a lifetime. In 2016 Teddy launched a clothing line with great success, which can only be recognized by a symbol, as the brand has no official name or constant theme, aside from featuring his art. His art which at times has  people lining up in front of stores for hours to ensure they get a tshirt or hoodie before they're gone forever, because they've already sold out online.

Even with an encrypted meaning, the symbol representing his work is known and recognized by many worldwide, but perhaps by none more than the 100,000 following his self produced vlog, documenting the unfoldings of his art, multitude of mediums he creates with, frequent trips to Japan, and personal life.

Late 2020 Teddy moved to Las Vegas, Nevada  where he is tattooing by appointment, painting, making clothing and continues to document his growth as a human and artist, with plans to expand his work into the crypto space with exclusive NFT's.