LEON (a.k.a. Justin Escalona)

Justin EscalonaLEON is the artist persona of Justin Leon Escalona. His paintings have been featured in the homes of some of the world’s top entertainment leaders. He prides himself in telling stories through all of his paintings. Justin uses his talents of story telling to create pure analyses of the constant stream of ideas going through his mind. Each piece of his work is made for a specific person with a very intentional purpose. When an artist’s main intention is to make money, it is no longer art. Four years ago during his freshman year of college, Justin founded 1340 COLLECTIVE. The brand is a lifestyle streetwear brand that has been seen on people like David Dobrik, Khalid, & Arizona Zervas. It is currently valued at over $5 million. Justin was ranked 2018’s #2 Most Influential Entrepreneur by Entrepreneur Magazine. He boasts a reach of nearly one million followers across all social media platforms. His latest projects analyze youth culture, suburbia, Los Angeles, and beyond. One could ask “who is Justin Escalona?” and the simple answer is, someone that believed in himself.

Leon has been featured in:

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