We're auctioning fine art to provide Kenyan children with food and education.

The 4,272 children that Flying Kites serves in rural Kenya are facing unprecedented barriers to returning to school after ten months of school closures. And we want to help.  Proceeds from this auction will be used to ensure that all students in their network of schools have access to a daily meal of fortified porridge and the support they need to come to school, and thrive in school.

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Meals are donated by every piece.

About The Founder, Evan Sharma

Evan Sharma is renowned for his vibrant neo-expressionist acrylics and his soulful compositions. After being named Canada’s most talented young artist and speaking at TedX, Evan is using his platform as a means to solve crucial global issues.

The CovART Challenge asks eight artists to donate their artwork for auction, of which 100% of the proceeds will help malnourished children return to school after the impact of COVID-19. They will then challenge two other artists to do the same, causing a ripple effect that will hopefully educate more than 100,000 children.

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We'd love to feature your art in the CovART Challenge! Click the link below to be taken to a form where you can get in touch with our organizers.

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