Feliks Kaparchuk

Feliks Kaparchuk is a self-taught acrylic artist based in Seattle, WA. After experimenting with acrylics for 16 years, Feliks has developed his own blending technique to make his backgrounds and colors blend seamlessly. He is heavily inspired by color and thoroughly enjoys experimenting with his style, allowing his brush to lead the way.

In the spring of 2017 Feliks opened up his art Instagram page (@colorbyfeliks) where he has been sharing his work for a little over 2 years. He enjoys making time lapse videos that demonstrate his process and has a combined audience of over 2 million+ supporters across his social media platforms, something which he never imagined, but is grateful to be able to share his art journey with so many people. Feliks also teaches his unique blending and painting techniques on YouTube which he says is an awesome way to be able to give back to growing artists. In addition, he has started his own brand creating art supplies for artists and helping others learn how they can better work with acrylics; he is passionate about sharing his platform and supporting other artists as much as possible.

Feliks was honored to be the featured artist at the Seattle Emerging Arts Fair in 2018 and his work has been featured on pages including: MyModernMet, George Takaei Presents, Reddit, UniLAD, 9GAG and many other art featuring pages where his work has gone viral and received over 100 million views. Currently, Feliks has art collectors all over the world. Over the years since beginning to share his artwork online, Feliks has sold over 60 pieces just in the U.S. as well as internationally including: Canada, Paris (multiple), Monaco, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Russia (multiple).

He is currently working on a new series which was inspired by his recent time staying in Europe.